A Picture of health!

Improved suppleness, increased circulation, tissue repair, detoxification – these & many more benefits through low intensity PEMF are available to improve your horses performance.

As the weather improves & the daylight hours increase, many of us are getting more hours in the saddle.  The competitions are just around the corner if they haven’t already started up.  If you expect your horse to perform at his best, then you need to provide the best care possible.  Along with good training & good nutrition, PEMF  is an integral tool to get the best performance out of your horse, no matter what discipline you compete in.

New dates for this month have been added to the Upcoming Events page.  Sessions still available at Heritage Ranch, Farr West but booked out for Tally-Ho, Park City.  If you have questions, would like to see the equipment in action &/or talk to the trainers  who are already enjoying improved performance, feel free to come by.

Bookings for other areas available by arrangement, contact me to start experiencing the benefits today!therapulse

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