whew! What a month.

Hi all, it seems ages since I did anything on this site, it has been one hectic month.  I feel like I’ve hardly been home.  With a quick trip to San Francisco, home for less than a week, then a week in Las Vegas for the Arabian Breeders World Cup, home for a week & then off to Scottsdale, AZ for the AHA Region 7 Championships at which I also competed, we have covered a lot of ground!

I have a few new developments for Peak Performance I’m happy to share.  masterpeece massageFirst, I have some new massage equipment that the horses just love!  The “Tapoty” uses percussion to deeply massage, increasing circulation & improving suppleness.  This is a great treatment prior to a Therapulse (PEMF) session.  Once the horses are accustomed to the equipment, they quickly relax & enjoy their sessions.  Due to the deep penetration, this equipment reduces the usual massage time of an hour, down to 15 minutes for a whole body treatment.  This can also be used on its own for a quick warmup before work or just as a treat for tired & tense muscles.  Sessions are $25, discounted when combined with a Therapulse session.

I have also decided to offer braiding for events.  If you have an event coming up & would like your horse braided, get in touch & discuss your needs.

My other interest, Leading Designs, designing & making show halters is also expanding to include dressage browbands & dickies.  Make sure you check out the Leading Designs website to see these new ranges.

I have a few other developments in the pipeline that I will share with you in due course.  I hope the warmer weather is allowing everyone to get out & enjoy their horses & good luck to anyone heading out to compete.

Cheers & Happy Riding!

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