It’s not all about rosettes!

This past week marked the realization of a dream for our wonderful client and friend Athena Steadman, and her lovely purebred gelding Om El Babylon.  Having recently returned to the saddle after a lengthy break, and having owned Bablyon for just a few short months, Athena competed at the 2018 Sport Horse Nationals held in Nampa, Idaho.

Babylon SHN 2018
Athena and Babylon in their 

To compete at a “Nationals” was a long held dream for Athena, but challenges and setbacks in the weeks prior to the show had her doubting herself.  Encouragement and support got Athena and Babylon into the ring and as you can see, they looked quite the picture and completely in place at this level of competition.  Whilst they may not have featured in the ribbons, it was truly a wonderful sight to see Athena have arguably her best ride yet, with Babylon working beautifully for her in their Sport Horse Under Saddle heat.

Showing isn’t always about winning awards and accolades, sometimes it is simply overcoming obstacles and challenges just to compete, or having a good ride after a difficult period of training, and it is these moments that are the true gems.  I was so very proud of Athena, and continue to be grateful that she entrusts me with her special boy Babylon.  Now with the show over, we will all knuckle down and continue to build a great working relationship between horse and rider so that come next season, these two will continue to kick goals!  I am super excited for next season for this pair.

Congratulations and Well Done Athena!


Photo credit: Don Stine Photography

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