“Spring into Show Season” Specials!!

The first of our “Spring into Show Season” specials is to help get you ready for your “In-Hand” or “Halter” classes.  If you think these classes are just about leading your horse around, think again!

I have developed a very easy to follow, 6 step program that helps prepare you and your horse to present like a pro!  This program de-mystefies how the professional handlers get their horses to “present” to the judge. 2016-region-6

These steps include learning how to:
*Walk and trot well on the lead
*Placement of the legs and feet
*Getting a good “Stand up”

Normally individual lessons would total $180, I’m offering this package of 6 lessons for just $120* – a saving of $60!!
Contact me today to schedule your lessons!

*Requires payment of package of 6 lessons in full


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