Chasing Dreams and Achieving Goals

Peak Performance recently attended the last show of the season, the Utah Arabian Clubs “Autumn Classic” with two wonderful friends and clients; Athena Steadman and Kay Bailey.  These two wonderful woman are both venturing back into the ring after a lengthy absence, and what a way to do it!

Athena has been a client for some time, with her wonderful boy Om El Babylon in UAHC 2019training.  This was Athenas’ first time back in the ring after a couple of setbacks and she was in need of a good ride to boost her confidence, and a great couple of rides she had!  I took Babylon in for his open Sport Horse class, and he gave me a wonderful ride to take the champion.  A great warm up for Athena, who then took over the reins for her classes.  Athena rode beautifully with Babylon responding in kind, taking the Champion in the ATR class and Reserve Champion in the AOTR class.  Talk about a confidence boost!

IMG_3153Kay Bailey has recently come on board as a lesson client.  While she owns her own Arabian, they weren’t quite ready to attend a show, so Kay took the opportunity to attend on the lesson horse Sundance.  Kay took part in the ACTS program; a wonderful program run by the club to introduce novice riders into the show ring in a more affordable and less overwhelming way.  This was also my first time involved in this program, and it is such a fun way to get into “the big ring”!  Kay certainly hit the ground running, taking first in a large Equitation class, third in the Pleasure class and fourth in the Horsemanship class.

I couldn’t be more pleased to be on the sidelines encouraging these wonderful ladies on, chasing their dreams and achieving their individual goals.  There were a few happy tears, lots of laughter and plenty of fun.  With the show season behind us, we will all be now getting down to some hard work over winter to get ready for next season, which we are already looking forward to.

If you want to join in the fun at a small, friendly barn full of encouragement, positivity and a supportive team, either for the introductory ACTS program or our Regional/National program, contact me today to start chasing your dreams too!
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Cheers and Happy Riding