More Goals Achieved!

Today was another great day for the Peak Performance riders at the annual Scotsman Center Halloween Scary Jumper Show!

IMG_3193-1First off we had Raysha McGuire riding in her first ever show.  Raysha joined the Peak Performance team earlier this year as an intern primarily for Scotsman Center, but getting more hands-on experience with our barn.  A true beginner rider with some nerves, Raysha had a determination to ride well and a dream to jump.

We are steadily working our way to doing some nice over fence jumping, but decided today to compete in one equitation class and the ground poles class, with the goal set to be competing in the cross rails class at the next show.  Riding our wonderful school horse TarBaby, who really knows his job when it comes to the jumps, Raysha did an outstanding job, keeping her nerves at bay, taking equal second in equitation and 5th in a large ground poles class.

Next up, again with the help of the great schoolmaster TarBaby, Peggy Rafferty climbed IMG_3196-1aboard.  This was a big day with plenty of emotion for Peggy, being her first jumping course since a bad accident some time ago that resulted in a broken neck!  Peggy has been riding with us since April getting a taste for dressage, but her true love is jumping.  The ground poles class was first, to give her the confidence to navigate the course, and then the 18″ cross rails.  She rode both beautifully, taking 3rd in the ground poles and 1st in the cross rails!  She was so confident she went ahead and entered the 2′ class, taking 3rd in that.

Both these ladies are truly an inspiration, overcoming nerves and doubts to do what their heart desires.  I was so pleased for them, they both amaze me with their grit and determination, I love working with both and they are a joy to have as part of the team.

Well done ladies.