No Butts About it – best special yet! Pandemic Promo

These are certainly crazy times we are experiencing at the moment.  I hope everyone is staying safe and taking care.  I’m very fortunate that I can continue to train and carry on almost as usual – a few rescheduling of lessons to limit the number of people at the barn and maintaining that new catchphrase “social distancing”.

As I have a stall coming available at the end of April, I thought I’d take the opportunity to encourage and assist someone who might have been considering placing their horse with a trainer.  Now, you may wonder what the point is when all the shows are currently cancelled.  Well, the point is to have you ready to hit the ground running when those shows start up again!

So, whats the deal?  I am offering one month free training!!  WOWSERS.  OK, how does this work?  When you sign on for six months training, you will pay a reduced monthly training rate with the savings being the equivalent of a months training.  This offer applies to full training packages only.  I can also offer partial training packages however they are not be eligible for this offer.

So, now is the perfect time to place your horse with an International Champion producing program, where individual attention, enjoyment of our horses and fostering a friendly and encouraging team of like minded owners is our highest priority.

If you’ve been thinking about getting into a program like this, now’s the time!  I have just one rare stall available!  So call, text or email and lets get you and your horse ready for the post corona competitions!  I can’t wait to help you.