Ensuring your horses nutritional needs are being met can be a complex, confusing & lengthy procedure.  With so many products available, you can easily end up feeding a bit of this & a bit of that, in the hopes you’re doing the right thing by your horse.  If some of the marketing efforts are to be believed, you could end up feeding many, many different products.  But is this really necessary?  Apart from no doubt being expensive, you may very well be overfeeding in some areas & still underfeeding in others.

Whilst many feed companies offer free nutrition advice, they have a vested interest in selling their own products, so you will find they will recommend their own.  Sometimes this may not be the right thing for your particular horse, or for you for that matter.

I am pleased to offer a totally independent service to assist in taking the guesswork out of your feeding regime.  Providing a comprehensive analysis of your current diet &/or completely building a new diet to suit your & your horses needs & preferences.

A phone consultation will go over all your horses individual characteristics in order to build a profile.  screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-12-42-50-pmBreed, weight, age, workload, along with any particular disease status (cushings, grain intolerance etc) and diet goals (lose, maintain or gain weight) are all taken into account.  Feed ingredients based on your preferences can then be selected in order to build a suitable diet.  Even a cost analysis can be provided to show you exactly what the cost of feeding your horse is!

The cost of this service is:
–  Current diet analysis: $20
–  Revise diet (once current diet analyzed): $35
–  Formulate new diet (without current diet analyzed): $55
–  Periodic diet updates (minor changes to diet): $10

So what do you get for your money?
Initially, a phone consultation (I call you at a predetermined time) will be required in order to build your horses profile.  In analyzing your current diet, we look at what feeds you are currently feeding, including weight, quality & manner of processing.  We can then discuss any preferences you or your horse may have regarding particular products or brands if we are building a new diet.   A comprehensive report is then emailed to you showing the diet (including cost analysis), graphs & notes regarding the nutrients being provided within that diet.

For a variety of reasons, you may wish to reassess & make slight changes to the diet from time to time.  Having your horses data on file, these changes can be easily included so you can make an informed decision on any changes.

Meeting your horses nutritional needs is one of the most important aspects of horse ownership.  The cost involved is a small price to pay to ensure your horses long term health & it can easily pay for itself in any saved costs if you are currently overfeeding!  An investment well & truly worth making!

(payment can be made over the phone by credit card, or by paypal or direct deposit)

Contact me today to assist with your horses diet regime!